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STULZ Modular Exhibits New Global Standard Micro Data Centre at London Show

  • Visit stand D250 for more details and a demonstration

  • The new STULZ Micro Data Centre will be on display at Data Centre World 2023, London

  • The new data centre in a rack solution is complete with user options for power protection and distribution, cooling, security, fire suppression and system monitoring solution

Date: 9th February 2023, London, United Kingdom - STULZ Modular, specialists in the design and manufacture of standardised, customisable modular and micro data centre solutions, has announced its new STULZ Micro Data Centre, a single rack, all-in-one Micro Data Centre solution will be on show on stand D250 at Data Centre World 2023, London Excel, March 8th & 9th.

Dushy Goonawardhane, managing director of STULZ Modular said, "Our new data centre in a rack was developed in full collaboration with our customers. Undertaking Voice of Customer meetings in every region around the world, we designed the STULZ Micro DC as an adaptable solution which exactly meets their needs. At DCW '23 we look forward to welcoming anyone curious to inspect at first hand, the quality which has made the STULZ name synonymous with enduring reliability and efficiency in data centre and mission critical applications.

The new STULZ Micro DC features a standardised and modular design, with pre-configured options that are tested for performance. Provided the capability to combine power protection and distribution, cooling, monitoring and management together with fire protection and security, STULZ customers are able to deploy IT in any outdoor or indoor location with the same best practices and technology as the world’s largest and most efficient data centres."


STULZ Micro DC carries the first name for high quality data centre infrastructure

STULZ Micro DC provides a scalable approach to IT deployments, extending from a single rack to multi-rack configurations. The solution is designed and built to accommodate the power and cooling requirements for edge IT installations moving data processing closer to the point of use. Typical uses range from HPC, content delivery networks and telecoms network expansions, to industrial automation (Industry 4.0) and Internet of Things (IoT)/ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

The new solution is offered with row-cooled options utilising DX, water and glycol-cooling for installations from 4kW – 20kW per rack, and up to 100kW in a single rack using liquid cooling technology from partners including CoolIT to ensure effective heat management in even the densest processor environments. STULZ Micro DC benefits include a standardised, modular approach with pre-configured options for flexibility, durability and scalability, speeding the time from order to deployment within a matter of weeks.

The new data centre in a rack offer provides a pre-designed and tested set of standard configurable components including UPS, PDUs, Fire Suppression, Access Control, and options for Monitoring and Management. As part of the STULZ Group, established for over 75 years and with over 150 global subsidiaries and partners, STULZ Modular is ideally placed to support projects around the world.

The new STULZ Micro Data Centre is on display at Data Centre World 2023, London ExCel on Stand D250.
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For more details about STULZ Modular visit www.stulz-modular.com or follow STULZ Modular on LinkedIN.



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